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Good News Stories

Liberty Senior Living is proud to sponsor WRAL’s Good News. WRAL’s Good News is your daily dose of positivity. We are curating your go-to list of the good news that is happening in our backyard and beyond. These are the stories that will make you smile, renew your faith in your fellow man and simply make you feel good.

Good News Stories

Activity Calendars

There’s always something to enjoy. Take a look at our monthly calendar to see all of the exciting activities and events going on in the community.

Current Calendar

Celebrating Earth Day!

April 23, 2021

Earth Day Planted potsYesterday our independent living residents celebrated Earth Day during our “Planted Pots” activity 🌎 We planted Vinca flowers in our pots we painted last week.

We were visited by our very own groundskeeper, Robin. He taught us some wonderful tips and tricks when it comes to potting flowers 🌸

Did you know you can use a coffee filter (new or used) inside at the bottom of your pot if there is a hole?! ☕You won’t have to worry about soil leaking through anymore!

Painting celebration on World Art day!

April 16, 2021

Yesterday, some of the Independent Living residents celebrate World Art Day. Painting their own flower pots was so much fun! 🎨 Next week, we will be celebrating Earth Day by planting flowers in these beautiful pots.🌷

New walking group called the… “Walkie Talkies”!

April 9, 2021

What better way to start out a Friday than with some fresh spring air and beautiful flowers! Our new walking group called the “Walkie Talkies” met this morning to start the day off right with some exercise and fellowship.

Anyone for a friendly game of cornhole?

April 6, 2021

Monday afternoons some of the Quail Haven independent living residents compete in a friendly game of cornhole. As one might expect, each week the game gets a little more competitive. Their practice is perfecting their game!

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way!

March 31, 2021

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way at Quail Haven! 🐇 In celebration of Easter and Ms. Donnie’s retirement, there was a special treat. Donnie & Madison hand delivered Easter basket goodies! As a result, every single Independent living residents was smiling Tuesday! We hope you enjoyed blessed Easter!

Not all heroes wear capes!

April 3, 2020

Quail Haven Retirement Village is grateful to all those essential workers who continue to man the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. To all of the physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, administrative workers, housekeepers, maintenance technicians, community chefs and too many more to list, we appreciate the sacrifice you make each and every day for our …Read More…

The Hard Truth About Aging in Place

August 11, 2019

For seniors who desire to Age in Place, many factors stand in the way of making this a safe and practical solution. They range from living in a home that does not accommodate any type of disability to figuring out who will do the upkeep and yard maintenance. However, the real challenge comes in a …Read More…

Dreams Come True

January 18, 2016

Weddings are always special but the marriage of your only son is a cannot miss event! That’s what Quail Haven’s Activities Director, Renate Douglas, thought when she made sure that our resident got to her son’s wedding January 16th. Attending the wedding was a dream come true for our resident and, using the Quail Haven …Read More…

Seniors Capitalizing on the Value that Renting Provides

October 17, 2015

The American Dream of home ownership is a cliché as old as apple pie, backyard barbecues and the Fourth of July. So embedded in our culture is the idea that we should aspire to own a home of our own someday that renting is often viewed as a last resort: an option that should only …Read More…

Is Your Home Appropriate for the Long-Term?

September 16, 2015

Moving out of a home that has been the hub of family life for many years can be a difficult, emotional process. The concept of downsizing is often associated with increased levels of personal freedom, yet I have often heard many of our residents describe how hard it was for them to break away from …Read More…

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