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The Hard Truth About Aging in Place

August 11, 2019

For seniors who desire to Age in Place, many factors stand in the way of making this a safe and practical solution. They range from living in a home that does not accommodate any type of disability to figuring out who will do the upkeep and yard maintenance. However, the real challenge comes in a less often discussed danger. That is the danger of losing one’s sense of purpose and desire to engage in life. It is something that if we are truthful, we all face at various times in our life. This was true for me just recently. As I visited my most favorite place in the world and put my toes in the sand, I thought about how long it had been since my last beach visit. I was embarrassed to realize it had been over a year. If anyone asks, I am quick to admit this is my favorite place, but in reality I had not lived my life in such a way that made it a priority. This is very true for seniors as well. They often forget what it felt like to engage with like-minded individuals on a daily basis. They may no longer have the physical abilities to volunteer and interact with others as they have in the past. Just one effect of a physical limitation, such as the inability to drive, may place a senior at an almost 100% drop in engagement with others. Living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community eliminates many issues we can quantify such as home maintenance and access to medical staff at all times. In addition, it can also eliminate the barriers that prevent seniors from interacting with others and engaging in both physical and cognitive activities. It is difficult to quantify how valuable this is to both one’s physical and emotional health and also their quality of life. We all need to do things in life that will keep us reminded that we are here for a reason and we are here for a season….so let’s keep putting our toes in the sand

Dreams Come True

January 18, 2016 Dreams Come Truethumbnail

Weddings are always special but the marriage of your only son is a cannot miss event! That’s what Quail Haven’s Activities Director, Renate Douglas, thought when she made sure that our resident got to her son’s wedding January 16th. Attending the wedding was a dream come true for our resident and, using the Quail Haven …Read More…

Seniors Capitalizing on the Value that Renting Provides

October 17, 2015 Seniors Capitalizing on the Value that Renting Providesthumbnail

The American Dream of home ownership is a cliché as old as apple pie, backyard barbecues and the Fourth of July. So embedded in our culture is the idea that we should aspire to own a home of our own someday that renting is often viewed as a last resort: an option that should only …Read More…

Is Your Home Appropriate for the Long-Term?

September 16, 2015 Is Your Home Appropriate for the Long-Term?thumbnail

Moving out of a home that has been the hub of family life for many years can be a difficult, emotional process. The concept of downsizing is often associated with increased levels of personal freedom, yet I have often heard many of our residents describe how hard it was for them to break away from …Read More…

Americans in Denial about the Need for Long-Term Care

September 15, 2015 Americans in Denial about the Need for Long-Term Carethumbnail

In an article I recently found on pertaining to Americans facing the prospect of long-term care, over 75 percent of people admitted they had not discussed long-term care options with their family. For most, it’s a topic that is quickly pushed under the rug. After all, the costs and the circumstances that go along …Read More…

Socialization the Key to Longevity, Happiness

August 14, 2015 Socialization the Key to Longevity, Happinessthumbnail

Not ready yet? For seniors who think that staying in their homes makes more sense than moving into a senior living community such as Brightmore of South Charlotte, I would like to suggest they reconsider. Unaware of the negative impacts of isolation, many seniors choose to remain in their home and live alone. An unfortunate …Read More…

The REAL Cost of Home Ownership After Retirement

January 13, 2015 The REAL Cost of Home Ownership After Retirementthumbnail

Every New Year brings on thoughts of how lifestyles can be altered to improve overall well-being, resulting in the ever-popular New Year’s resolutions. Easy to make, but hard to keep, these resolves are often health and/or finance-related…two things very heavy on the minds of those who have already reached their retirement age or those looking …Read More…

Finding the Positives in “Tis The Season”

December 12, 2014 Finding the Positives in "Tis The Season"thumbnail

‘Tis the season! Christmas and New Year’s can bring a child-like wonder and joy to your life, but if you are a senior, it can be difficult to find the positives in life. It is so easy to focus on what is lost and not on the opportunities and love around you. Depression is not …Read More…

6 Steps to Downsizing for a Simpler Life

November 12, 2014 6 Steps to Downsizing for a Simpler Lifethumbnail

After 20-35 years in your home, you’re faced with the task of moving. Simply put, moving is a stressful time requiring emotional, mental, and physical exertion. The idea of sorting, shuffling, organizing, packing, unpacking, and managing a move can be more than most want to even consider and the discussion stops there. However many forward …Read More…

Top 10 Reasons to Call Quail Haven Village Home

May 11, 2014 Top 10 Reasons to Call Quail Haven Village Homethumbnail

Many who call the independent living community of Quail Haven Village home say their number one reason for loving our community is the intimate, close-knit relationships formed not just with residents but with the staff of Quail Haven. Others say it’s the proximity to the village of Pinehurst while others note the open, green space …Read More…

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