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The Hard Truth About Aging in Place

August 11, 2019

For seniors who desire to Age in Place, many factors stand in the way of making this a safe and practical solution. They range from living in a home that does not accommodate any type of disability to figuring out who will do the upkeep and yard maintenance. However, the real challenge comes in a less often discussed danger. That is the danger of losing one’s sense of purpose and desire to engage in life. It is something that if we are truthful, we all face at various times in our life. This was true for me just recently. As I visited my most favorite place in the world and put my toes in the sand, I thought about how long it had been since my last beach visit. I was embarrassed to realize it had been over a year. If anyone asks, I am quick to admit this is my favorite place, but in reality I had not lived my life in such a way that made it a priority. This is very true for seniors as well. They often forget what it felt like to engage with like-minded individuals on a daily basis. They may no longer have the physical abilities to volunteer and interact with others as they have in the past. Just one effect of a physical limitation, such as the inability to drive, may place a senior at an almost 100% drop in engagement with others. Living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community eliminates many issues we can quantify such as home maintenance and access to medical staff at all times. In addition, it can also eliminate the barriers that prevent seniors from interacting with others and engaging in both physical and cognitive activities. It is difficult to quantify how valuable this is to both one’s physical and emotional health and also their quality of life. We all need to do things in life that will keep us reminded that we are here for a reason and we are here for a season….so let’s keep putting our toes in the sand

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