A physical rehabilitation center conveniently located on the campus of Quail Haven Village in Pinehurst, The Inn offers short-stay rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, long-term care, respite care and hospice. Residents of the Quail Haven community, as well as the greater Moore County area, have access to the services of The Inn.

Patients at The Inn are greeted by a clinical team whose members develop a focused treatment plan designed to help them regain skills and decrease the chance of hospital readmission. Physical, occupational and speech therapists work with patients to help them regain their prior level of function, and additional medical services address secondary conditions for a complete treatment plan.

The Inn at Quail Haven is proud to be one of five facilities in North Carolina to have a specialized piece of equipment, the SciFit Function C3, which supports the rehabilitation of knee and lower back conditions. The Function C3 allows therapists to address knee extension and core flection, using visual biofeedback to help patients control movements for the desired range of motion and to treat balance issues.

Enhanced therapy services at The Inn include diathermy to decrease pain, e-stimulation to support improved joint movement and muscle strength, and vital stimulation to promote better swallowing. Patients who engage in these enhanced services have a more positive experience during their regular therapy sessions.

Planning a safe discharge is paramount for patients to successfully transition back to their prior place of residence. Once they are discharged from The Inn, patients are connected to additional support services through the Liberty family of services, such as Liberty Medical Services and Liberty Home Care & Hospice, ensuring they continue to receive an excellent continuity of care.

The Inn is a great place to work and is recruiting for several positions. Click here to learn more.